Sunday, March 17, 2013

Vintage Circus Horse Acrobat Trick Rider T-Shirt

Vintage Circus Horse Acrobat Trick Rider T-Shirt

Vintage circus trick rider and horse with something of a steampunk feel to it. The circus horse with acrobat trick rider is adapted from an antique hand-carved woodblock for that cool hand-stamped look.

Choose any color, size and style of shirt you like!

The horse, acrobrat and border are dark rhubarb (a brownish red or reddish brown). This same shirt design is also available in blue and in black -- just click the "store" button above to see them!

Your hand-carved antique woodblock print was carefully prepared by a professional graphic artist (that's me!) to print beautifully at large sizes using modern digital printing methods while retaining that vintage hand-stamped artisan feel.

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