Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hare or Jackrabbit Throw Pillow from Antique Woodblock

 Hare or Jackrabbit Throw Pillow from Antique Woodblock

Add a touch of vintage "handmade" to your home decor with this wonderful vintage hare throw pillow. The jack rabbit (or hare) is adapted from an antique copperplate engraving for that wonderful artisan hand-stamped look.

Fully customizable. You can change the color of the background to match your decor. Just click the "customize it" button and then choose the "edit" button. Next, select "background" and pick any color of your choice. Don't forget to change the color on the back of your pillow, too! You can also add your own text using the "customize it" button.

Prefer it without the black stripe around the edge seams? In the "personalize it" pane, you can simply delete the layer that says "Black Border". Be sure to delete the border on both front and back if you prefer your pillow plain.

If you need help customizing your throw pillow, please don't hesitate to contact me by clicking on the "contact" button above next to my store icon. I am always happy to assist you!

The hare and border are jet black. The default background color is sheepskin, a warm vintage light beige color (sometimes called ecru). This same pillow is also available in a blue color scheme and a red-brown (rhubarb) color scheme -- just click the "store" button above to see them!

Your antique copperplate rabbit was carefully prepared by a professional graphic artist (that's me!) to print beautifully using modern digital printing methods while retaining that hand-stamped artisan feel.

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